Don't have as-built plans?

Our architectural package is all you need to dive right into design. Simply connect Prologue with the owner, developer of facilities team, and we'll make sure you get the information and tools you need to design with confidence.

Revit Models / 360-degree Photos / CAD linework / Facade Ortho Images and More


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  • Accurate and extensive measurement
  • Immersive photo documentation
  • Detailed Revit as-built

Accelerate into design.

Ditch the tape, forget the days spent in the field, say hello to Prologue. We work smartly to deliver the Revit, metrics and imagery you need, right when you need them.


Focus on what you do best.

Existing conditions can be tedious, dirty, complicated, and extremely important to a project's success. We'll handle the existing conditions, you take the rest.

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