Using 3D laser scanning for historic documentation offers a hands-off means of cataloguing important, and often fragile historical structures.

The longevity of older structures is related to the amount of handling they have to undergo. So an unobtrusive manner for getting measurement data is ideal. Whether it’s developing a schedule for maintenance, or measuring a building’s structural soundness, 3D laser scanning streamlines these tasks. In addition, 3D laser scanning provides planners with previously unattainable assets at their disposal to help keep history alive.

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Activate The Power of Information Like Never Before

In order to make smart decisions, you need all of the facts. Over the years, most structures and systems have been modified without documentation. Our 3D laser scanning and modeling services deliver an accurate picture of what reality is. Using a 3D laser scanner, our team can collect remote measurements of large areas with extraordinary accuracy in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods. We then deliver the data in multiple formats to meet all of your historic preservation requirements.

3D laser scanning for historic properties delivers data that works

  • Get fast, easy measurements on site
  • Quantify structural concerns such as wall lean or roof sag
  • Obtain detailed and accurate as-built drawings
  • Document your historic structure in full 3D
  • Bring the 3D site right to your desktop, tablet or smartphone


3D Laser Services From Prologue


3D Laser Scanning

Using a 3D laser scanner, our team can collect remote measurements of large areas with an extraordinary accuracy of up to 2mm. This scanner collects up to 976,000 measurement points per second, allowing us to accurately identify and document all visible elements of a structure in a fraction of the time it would take with manual measurement. For most laser scanning projects, the time required to capture the data on-site is reduced by at least 50-70% compared to traditional survey methods.

In other words, it's time to put down the tape measure.

On-Site 3D Laser Scanning

Using the virtualized 3D site as a guide, our modelers can swiftly generate accurate and up-to-date as-built models in Autodesk® Revit®. Since our team works with hard data—instead of manual measurements, notes and hand drawings—the time and cost spent on modeling is typically a fraction of the manual approach. And since the project’s architects don’t have to worry about modeling as-built conditions, they’re able to place their focus on design. 

Once our team has completed the model, it can be viewed from any perspective to see detailed elements within the structure. The model is then delivered in the format that best suits the client’s needs. Typical formats include Revit models, CAD drawings, orthophotos and point clouds.



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