Become a ReadySet℠ On-Demand Partner

ReadySet℠ is the go-to, pre-slab verification for construction companies who need to pour with 100% confidence. With a 24-hour turnaround, Prologue will perform ReadySet℠ on your site, keeping your projects on time and on budget.

What to Expect with ReadySet℠: Before, During and After the Pour

To make the process quick and painless, we have compiled the following guide.

It's Simple Math.

Remediation of misplaced elements requires costly GPR, core drilling, saw cutting, and wall adjustments. That adds time and cost to already tight time lines and budgets and creates problems further down the construction sequence. With ReadySet℠ by Prologue, you can eliminate concrete re-work from your next construction project.



Easy-to-Read CAD Overlays and Annotations

  • Optimized for electronic review

  • Formatted for field printing

  • High-contrast annotations
  • No special software or viewers

On-Site 3D Laser Scanning

  • Approximately 1 hour for 10,000 square feet field time
  • Minimal disruption to trades
  • Flexibility to schedule around changing conditions

Confirm Slab Prep Conditions Before You Pour

  • Plumbing and conduit stub ups
  • Formwork installation 
  • Rebar and post-tension cables
  • Thickened slab locations

Next Day Delivery

  • Same-day delivery on established small jobs
  • Simple email of PDF
  • Prices as low as 10 cents per square foot



Volume Analysis

Formwork Elevation for Levelness

  • Concurrent or post levelness and flatness

Documentation of Concrete Inserts

  • Embeds
  • Sleeves and Plates
  • Rebar and Post-tension Cables