Prologue Announces the Launch of ReadySet℠

Making New Efficiencies in Concrete Pouring Available to the Construction Industry

May 23, 2017

Prologue, a Richmond, Va. innovator in 3D laser scanning applications, today announced the release of its newest value-added service for the construction industry.  ReadySet™ is an exclusive offering now available to general contractors, mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades, as well as concrete companies.  With ReadySet, these companies can now benefit from the ability to “Pour with Confidence”.

Addressing misplaced elements after a concrete pour requires costly xRays, Ground Penetrating Radar, core drilling, saw cutting and wall adjustments.  These remedial actions add delays and costs to already tight timelines and budgets and creates problems further down the construction sequence.

Daniel Bagbey, director of sales and marketing for Prologue explains, “More than 20% of construction costs are lost to inefficiencies such as concrete rework.  The ReadySet platform enables our clients to ensure that the pipes, formwork and other components placed prior to a concrete pour are accurately installed, thereby eliminating rework.  This assurance allows construction projects to proceed on schedule and on budget.  To date our clients have been very pleased with the results.”

The ReadySet service offers a quick, unobtrusive field scan of the prepared slab with next day results delivered to the client in a proprietary, custom format tailored to the client’s needs.  The user of the ReadySet platform can easily and quickly identify potential problem installs that can be addressed prior to the concrete pour, realizing significant savings compared to conventional methods.  

John Gillenwater, Vice President of Business Development at KBS Construction, a regional leader in construction management practices, remarked, “The results of ReadySet proved to be extremely valuable after having identified several locations where plumbing was out of a wall or interfering with other construction. Each of the issues identified were fixed before any concrete was poured, thereby eliminating costly, destructive remediation down the road.”

During the Beta phase of development leading up to this public launch, Prologue has provided highly successful ReadySet deliverables to a host of clients throughout Virginia and Tennessee.  Prologue has partnered with several value-added business partners to scale this service to other territories and is seeking qualified partners to expand the market across the U.S.  

With the public launch of the ReadySet platform, Prologue continues to strengthen its portfolio of innovative applications for 3D Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), adding to a growing portfolio of value-added service offerings for architects, engineers, contractors, historic preservation professionals and developers.