Prologue Partners with ColonialWebb to Facilitate Installation of HVAC Systems in Freshman Dorms at UVA

April 6, 2017

Prologue, a 3D laser scanning company, announced today a partnership with ColonialWebb to facilitate installation of HVAC systems in the ten freshman dorms at the University of Virginia.  Prologue’s role was to scan 70,000 square feet of dorm attic space and deliver 3D architectural models of the rafters and other structural features.  All phases of the HVAC system installation will be completed by 2020.

“Prologue has enjoyed partnering with ColonialWebb on the UVA freshman dorm project to install new HVAC systems,” said Scott Reed, co-founder of Prologue.  “Our 3D laser scanning technology offered a perfect solution for design obstacles including installation in tight spaces and inaccurate as-built drawings.”

Prologue utilized 3D laser scanning technology to create highly accurate virtual building models featuring architectural and structural components.  Data collected by Prologue at the beginning of a building design project can save time and money by providing pin-point accuracy of a structure’s existing conditions.

For this project, Prologue collected millions of accurate measurements in the tightly confined spaces of the attic dorms built in 1950.  These measurements accurately depicted the layout of the attics which were used to generate 3D models.  Based on the 3D models created by Prologue, ColonialWebb has a comprehensive understanding of the attic layouts so they can install new HVAC systems efficiently. 

“When compared to the contract drawing files, the existing structure varied significantly,” said Ian Handley, project manager at ColonialWebb.  “Had we not scanned the attics prior to coordinating the work, we would have been exposed to several areas of conflict which could have been costly to the customer.”